Odometer (via chenilletartar)

I have to say I’m partial to chenilletartar (Nicole Marchesseau)’s work because I know her quite well. Having said that, she’s matched up some great minimal video footage to an electronic piece of mine called Odometer. For optimal ambient effect, I suggest full-screening this one. More of my music can be found at http://soundcloud.com/siamese-connection. btw if you’re in Toronto (the one in Canada) Nov. 20 she’ll be behind the keys improvising at Somewhere There as part of their Festival Of Autumnal Happiness. Admission is $8 and the fest begins at 8:00 pm.

Odometer is an ambient video collaboration between myself (images) and Siamese Connection (music). Siamese Connection (aka Richard Benedict), also runs a WordPress blog, Optimal Character Recognition, which can be found at optimalcharacterrecognition.wordpress.com … Read More

via chenilletartar

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